Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Today's Look.

Well it's quite warm today so I just threw on a vest and skirt and put my hair in bunches to keep it off my neck. I've started to look a bit chunky lately, I need to cut down on the rubbish I'm eating and get back to the pool!
I dug out my vans from last summer, they're so cute and I'd temporarily forgotten about them! The owl ring I'm wearing was a present off my momma, and I'm wearing a gold glitter on my eyelids. What's your sunny day look?
Beckey x
Ps: Apologies for the shoddy iPhone pictures, I need to pick up my SLR as I left it at my parents house when I moved out! Hopefully once I get it back we can say goodbye to the unflattering full length shots my other half takes whilst sat on the sofa! Double chin alert!!

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