Thursday, 28 June 2012

Confessions of a Concealaholic.

Look what arrived today!!! It took longer than I thought it would, but its total cuteness made up for it. I dove straight in and had a little mess around with all the products. I have decided straight away that 'Erase Paste' is a gift from God. It made the dark circles under my eyes disappear and even did a good job of making the scar on my cheek less obvious! I was so impressed! I LOVE this little kit, and will definitely be investing in full sized versions of some of the products when I run out :)
Beckey x

P.S - Mummy POREfessional and Baby POREfessional haha!! How cute ^_^

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Thank you asos xoxoxo

10% off and free next day delivery on an already half priced product? Don't mind if I do! How cute is my new necklace? 
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Guest Blogger???

Ezio x

Vichy Dermablend Starter Kit Review.

Excuse the minging bit of acrylic still stuck to my thumbnail...
I was excited when I got the Vichy Dermablend Starter Kit in this months GlossyBox, because I've got a scar on my cheek that I really don't like and was eager to see if this would help camouflage it at all. I have tried 4 out of the 6 samples (the ones most suited to my skin tone) and have had varying results. One thing I will say though is that they all looked a lot different on my face to in the packet and on my hand!
L to R: Porcelain, Opal, Nude & Light.

This was surprisingly too orange for me! It sat on my skin and I just couldn't get it to blend at all.

This was more yellow on my skin. The colour was better suited to me than Porcelain but once I blended it in I honestly felt like it highlighted my scar more than covered it.

I had a bit more success with. it didn't completely cover my scar, but i'm not entirely sure anything besides SFX make up actually would. After blending it as best I could without totally rubbing it off, I continued putting the rest of my make up on as usual. my scar definitely wasn't as prominent as it had been, and there is the possibility that I may just be being extra picky because I'm self conscious about it! My face has an aversion to make up, it's usually faded after an hour or so, especially if I've been outside?! What I will say about this foundation is that it has staying power, it still looked good after a few hours of being out, and that was without the setting powder that Vichy also sell to enhance the product.

Was pretty similar to Nude, and is the one I am wearing in the picture below. I think I'll have to swap between the two for a few days to decide which is best!
L to R: before make up, with Vichy Dermablend in Light, finished off with my normal powder on top.
I doubt I'll be investing in a full size of this product any time soon. I've got Benefit's "Confessions of a Concealaholic" winging it's way to me, and I am very loyal to Benefit as a brand! Still, never say never eh?!
Beckey x


Before we go any further bloggies, there is something that you must know about me. I am a complete and utter BOOKWORM! So far in 2012 I have read 55 books. I keep track via my Goodreads account. If you love reading then definitely check out this website! I hope to do a bit of book reviewing on here, to save chewing my poor fiancés ear off every time I get excited over the book I'm reading haha. I put together a mini collage of a few of my favourite books for you all, and a list of my favourite authors :) enjoy!
L to R: The Perks Of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky,  Battle Royale by Koushan Takami, Pet Semetary by Stephen King & Me Before You by JoJo Moyes.

I loved those books in particular for the raw emotion that they made me feel. Without seeming too cheesy, I feel that these books changed my perspective on life in some way, and taught me more about empathy and compassion.

A list of my favourite authors in no particular order:

Karin Slaughter
Jodi Picoult
Peter James
Marian Keyes
Beverly Barton
Sophie Hannah

Torey Hayden
Dorothy Koomson (particularly 'My Best Friends Girl)

Are there any fellow bookworms out there? What is your favourite book?
Beckey x

Birthday Celebrations!

Today was my step-daughters 9th birthday! For her 'big' present we bought her her own digital camera, it's Hello Kitty themed and it's got three interchangeable face plates. She's got a real eye for a good photograph and we wanted to channel that. She was so pleased with it so we were really happy! For tea we went out to Frankie & Benny's which was lovely, and when the waiter brought out her giant cupcake that we'd brought her face was an absolute picture. They played special music, we sang 'Happy Birthday', and when we'd finished everybody in the restaurant clapped! All in all, a successful day!
Beckey x

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The mirrors in my house must be slimming, because when I look at photographs I can't believe how much timber i've put on. Anyway, this was me today. Absolutely loving my other Revlon Lip Butter in "Creme Brûlée". Tomorrow I shall be reviewing the Vichy Dermablend samples I received in my GlossyBox, as I have been testing the different shades over the past few days! I hope you all had a good day today!
Beckey x

Monday, 25 June 2012

Revlon ColourBurst Lip Butter Review.

So last week I treated myself and splashed out on a couple of Revlon Lip Butters. I was excited when they came out, because as a rule I don't wear lipstick, but a lipbalm/lipstick combination is perfect for me! The colour I'm wearing in the picture is "Pink Truffle", and the darker of the two colours I bought. I absolutely love how it looks on my lips. It gives me the definition of a lipstick, but with the shine and the lightness of a lip balm. I hate the heavy feeling that some lipsticks can give and I always end up wiping it off. I'm really pleased with the lip butters, and I personally think they're a bargain for £7.99. 
Beckey x

My Pretty Asos Bargain.

Hi bloggies! I just wanted to share with you my awesome new vintage style Barbie Tshirt by Yumi that I picked up in the ASOS sale for £12 instead of £30! Isn't it pretty?!?! 
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Ooer, that's a bit creepy isn't it! Today I decided to write a little bit about my eye make up, and to demonstrate my awesome MUA bright green eyeshadow as requested by Corrinne.What I love about this particular eyeshadow is that you only need the tiniest bit to really make your eyes POP. As you can see I only applied along my lash line, similar to where you would put liquid eyeliner. On my bottom lid I used my normal black eyeliner, and then in the corners of my eyes by the bridge of my nose I applied a touch of Eye Bright to really open them up. I finished off with a touch of my Peep Show mascara, which for a drug store brand is absolutely great. It's got a nice thin brush and isn't at all gloopy, which makes it easy to apply and really lengthens the lash. The eyeshadow in the picture was bought for me quite a while ago by an old friend, and I haven't seen it in the shops since, but it's still always worth looking out for, and if you spot it I would definitely recommend investing!!

Beckey x

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Glossybox June 2012 Review.

I was excited when my Glossybox arrived this morning as I thought I'd ordered too late to receive this months. I've read a lot of reviews from this months box so the contents weren't exactly a surprise for me. I was a little disappointed because I didn't get the combination I was hoping for, but I did really want the HD Brows Tweezers and the Vichy Dermablend Starter Kit so I was very glad for those. I think I'll review the products separately, as and when I use them. Did you guys get a Glossybox this month? What did you think of your products?
Beckey x

Hi Bloggies.

I'm feeling a little blue today and I'm PMS-ing like a bitch. I've got my DSLR back from my parents, and I've been pretty frustrated trying to get a decent picture of myself. There doesn't seem to be any decent lighting anywhere in the house, my make up looks clown-like and I'm the size of a small house. Anyway I've given up for today and decided to keep my face to myself. Hopefully I'll feel better after a couple of paracetamol, a mug of herbal tea and a few episodes of Desperate Housewives!
Beckey x


Do you love Benefit's The Porefessional? If so head over to BUYAPOWA right now because you could snap a tube up for as low as £17.50 if enough of us buy!
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Friday, 22 June 2012

Look what I found!!

Today I went to my mum and dads for a bit to visit and rummage through my make up bags to see what needed to be chucked away. Amongst the used up eyeliners and bits of fluff I came across these 3 beauties! A full unused Eye Bright, a full unused It Stick (now discontinued!) and the only eye shadow I've ever thought doesn't make me look like a transvestite. I'm genuinely shocked that I forgot I had them! The two benefit products are Glamour goodies from the 2010 giveaway. (I think!) It felt like christmas, and made up for being a bit miffed about the Benefit product issues in my last post!
Beckey x

A Little Moan.

The other day I ordered Confessions of a Concealaholic from the Benefit website. It's £28.50 plus £4 p+p which is fine. BUT I've just been on ASOS, and it turns out I could have got it on there about £3 cheaper using my student discount - and with free delivery! So I'm a bit bummed now. Do I send the Benefit order back and wait up to 30 days for my refund and then order from ASOS instead? Or do I suck it up and put it down to experience and impatience?! Meh, what a wally I am.
Beckey x

Thursday, 21 June 2012

I don't know what made me think of this...

...but what a classic film!! 
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I am participating in this weeks Friday Blog Hop :)

Blog Hops Everyday Friday Blog Hop
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Fabulous Day & Fabulous Haul!

Good Afternoon Bloggies!! I've had a fab day today. I met up with one of my best girls Louise as she is going away to Majorca for a week on Saturday...jealous! We went to Nandos for a meal and a gossip which was lovely. Then we went for a mosey around the shops which turned into a bit of a spending spree!

We spent ages in Boots testing all the Revlon Lip Butters because I've been dying to try them! I committed the cardinal sin of using the testers on my lips...but I did wipe them with a tissue first! After trying pretty much the whole selection I decided that nudes/browns are more suited to my skin tone, and because I couldn't decide between 'Creme Brûlée' and 'Pink Truffle' I got them both! AND because good old Boots have a 3 for 2 on I got a felt tip eye liner worth £6.99 for free! Bargain :)

The top two pics are of my ASOS order (saved for another post!) and my bargain earrings that only cost me 98p due to some leftover cash on a gift card! The bottom two pics are of my free felt tip eyeliner pen, and my new 'Peep Show' mascara by 17 (which I admit lured me in by it's gorgeous packaging!) Because I spent over £6 on the mascara, I got a free "fest of all kit" worth £26!

The box was cardboard with a pink ribbon handle, and the products all wrapped up in green tissue paper. I got an instant glow bronzer in a medium shade which I plan to save for my friends wedding at the end of the month. I got a tropical nail polish which was an orange/coral colour, and I gave that to Louise as it looks like a nice colour for her tootsies as she lounges by the pool next week! I also got a black eyeliner which is an absolute godsend as my MAC one is getting a bit stubby! All in all, a very good day indeed.
Beckey x

Wise Words.

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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I just found this on Tumblr.

It might be my favourite thing ever.
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Sun Appreciation Post.

Remember that mad week of sun we had not so long back, where it was hotter than spain or something? Well, because it looks like I won't get away this year, I'm taking that as my holiday haha! Here's a couple of 'holiday' snaps ;)

Beckey x

Today's Look.

Well it's quite warm today so I just threw on a vest and skirt and put my hair in bunches to keep it off my neck. I've started to look a bit chunky lately, I need to cut down on the rubbish I'm eating and get back to the pool!
I dug out my vans from last summer, they're so cute and I'd temporarily forgotten about them! The owl ring I'm wearing was a present off my momma, and I'm wearing a gold glitter on my eyelids. What's your sunny day look?
Beckey x
Ps: Apologies for the shoddy iPhone pictures, I need to pick up my SLR as I left it at my parents house when I moved out! Hopefully once I get it back we can say goodbye to the unflattering full length shots my other half takes whilst sat on the sofa! Double chin alert!!

My Pandora Wishlist.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Right Bloggies...

After browsing A LOT of beauty blogs over the past few days (and feeling mega intimidated about how perfect everyone looks!) I've decided for my first full length outfit can have me in my pyjamas! i've got hair that needs a wash, my make up has seen better days and my top doesn't match my bottoms. My logic is...if you see me at my worst, anything else i post will be an improvement! Enjoy :P

Beckey x

May Photo Challenge :)

that last photo is making my OCD twitch! damn may and it's 31 days!
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I was very naughty last night!

I bought a 3 month subscription and I am very excited to receive my first box!
Beckey x

My 'Everyday' Look.

I thought another good place to start my blog would be to explain a bit about what products I use to achieve my 'everyday' look. Above is just an overall shot of my basic products, but I'll go into more detail underneath.

This foundation is part of a mineral make up collection from an American brand Jane Iredale. I first discovered the brand last year when it was recommended to me at a spa I went to for microdermabrasion and oxygen treatment. I was a bit skeptical at first but I let the therapist 'make me over' and was absolutely blown away. This pressed powder is really light, it doesn't feel heavy on your skin yet gives great coverage. Because I suffer with spots, finding a foundation that didn't make me break out was the holy grail I never thought I'd find...until I did! The powder comes in 24 different shades, I use 'Warm Sienna', which was recommended to me at the time and I've never looked back. It comes ready to use in a clam shell case, and refills are available. The clam shell case in the picture is actually a granite special addition that was on offer at the time so I snapped it up! I only needed to replace my powder after around 8 months, which considering I wear it pretty much every day is not bad! If you're interested in trying this range then you can buy online from the official UK stockist.

This is the cherry on top of the cake that is my face. ha. My Jane Iredale PurePressed Blush in 'Cotton Candy'. It's a real girly, 'Barbie' pink and the photo doesn't do it enough justice. The size of the product is deceiving, it looks like an eyeshadow and when I first bought it I assumed it'd  be the first product I'd have to replace. HOWEVER, I bought it in October 2011, apply it every day and yet have only just bought a refill in preparation for it running out! This blush comes in 13 different colours, takes up minimal space in your make up bag yet gives maximum effect!

Now I'm sure you all know by now about Glamour and Benefit teaming up every year and bringing out beautiful diddy samples for us all to scour the shops for and buy 300 of! Well this year was no different, and out of the three samples put out I chose... the POREfessional! It's a lovely silky primer, I love the feel of it and it does a great job of minimising the quite open pores I have on my cheeks and nose. I'll definitely be investing in a full size version of this product (or in about 6 copies of glamour ;D haha!)

Picture taken from Google Images

I'm going to be quite honest here, I'm pretty indifferent to this mascara. It does an 'okay' job, it doesn't blow me away but I didn't expect it to for a 'drug store' mascara. This purchase was a quick one in order to replace my last mascara that my cat had rolled under the wardrobe and seemingly into Narnia. Once my cash flow is...well, flowing again, I shall more than likely invest in my favourite Bad Gal or try out They're Real! and pop another review up!
NB: The brushes featured in the first photograph are both Jane Iredale brushes specifically for their mineral make up. I can't stress enough the importance of a good brush, it won't eat your make up or deposit gross little hairs all over your face. Remember to clean it regularly and it should last you a very long time!

Beckey x

4:20am ramblings.

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