Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Instagram Update!

Top L - R: introducing karl to a brilliant film with lots of munchies, bethany and her mini sized version of our tea, my very angry wisdom tooth recently extracted (yes I added the face, i'm weird okay?!) and me having a relaxing bubble bath.
Bottom L - R: messing around with the 'line camera' app, my latest read, a colourful shot of some tiny rainy leaves and a flake yoghurt that i'll only buy if they're on rollback...


Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Liebster Award :)

I was tagged in a post by Kirsty at alwaysdrinktea.blogspot.co.uk saying that she had nominated me for an award for new bloggers with under two hundred followers!

Here are the rules for the award:
  • Each person must post eleven things about themselves.
  • Answer the eleven questions the tagger has set for you.
  • Choose eleven people and tag them in this post.
  • Follow the tagger and visit at least three of the nominees.

Eleven things about me:
  1. I'm a complete and utter bookworm, I don't go anywhere without my Kindle.
  2. I've read 65 books so far in 2012.
  3. I'm getting a wisdom tooth taken out on Tuesday!
  4. My two cats Ezio & Dinky are my babies and I love them to bits.
  5. I live with my fiancé, our cats, a snake called Liquid and my stepdaughter Bethany.
  6. I love having my nails done, it's my couple of times a month to be pampered and chill with my sister in law.
  7. I've got an embarrassing old man crush on Tim Roth.
  8. I've got a not so embarrassing crush on Christian Bale ;)
  9. I collect Pandora charms and they all mean something important to me.
  10. I've got three tattoos and have my next three planned!
  11. I'm training to be a counsellor.
Eleven questions I was tagged in:
  1. What is your favourite brand of clothing and why? I like Primark because it's affordable and has quite a good variety of clothes. Plus it's all I can afford right now...
  2. Tell us about your favourite childhood memory? From what I can remember I quite enjoyed year 8.
  3. If you could be any animal for a day, what would you be and why? I would be a whale to see what it's like to be that massive.
  4. Choose between telepathy or telekinesis and give reasons why? Telekinesis for when I can't be bothered moving :P
  5. Are you sporty? Have you ever been sporty? No and No.
  6. What's one fashion or beauty faux pas that you can't abide by? I wear leggings as pants. Sorry.
  7. Designer or high street? Why? High Street, because I couldn't bring myself to spend £30 on one tshirt when I could get about 5 for the same price somewhere else!
  8. Do you have a favourite video game or console? Another Code: Two Memories and the PS3.
  9. What was your best subject at school or college/university? Psychology!
  10. Would you rather skydive or bungee jump? Neither if I can help it.
  11. What got you interested in becoming a blogger? The desire for something more profound than Tumblr.
Eleven people I'm tagging:
  1. http://www.stellabobella.com/
  2. http://liquiddreamsxo.blogspot.co.uk/
  3. http://juyey.blogspot.co.uk/
  4. http://inherdaydream.blogspot.co.uk/
  5. http://judysbeautyblog.blogspot.co.uk/
  6. http://www.kindoflovely.com/
  7. http://maggiemunster.blogspot.co.uk/
  8. http://missjaynebecca.blogspot.co.uk/
  9. http://www.pinkflamingokisses.com/
  10. http://whyyyjen.blogspot.co.uk/
  11. http://whenitrainsitpours92.blogspot.co.uk/
Eleven questions I'm asking the tagged people:
  1. What is your favourite TV programme?
  2. Do you have any pets?
  3. Apple or Windows?
  4. What is your favourite book?
  5. Do you have any piercings?
  6. What are you scared of?
  7. Sweet or Savoury?
  8. Tell us about your first kiss?
  9. Favourite band?
  10. Dark, Milk or White chocolate?
  11. Late nights or early mornings?

Take a moment out of your day to be inspired and humbled.

Ben Parkinson.
Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson was so horrifically injured during by a Taliban mine in 2006 that doctors told his family that he wouldn't survive, let alone ever speak or walk again. Yet here he is in 2012, alive and more determined than ever! Ben walked the whole 300 metres of his part of the Olympic Torch Relay, and it was very emotional watching the footage! Ben has done, and continues to do, so much for charity. He's a true inspiration. Ben, you're my hero!
Beckey x

Best part of the Olympics Opening Ceremony?

Hahaha! Liz you legend.
Beckey x

Thursday, 26 July 2012

GlossyBox July 2012.

Drum roll please...

I am really pleased with everything I got in this months box, and it's definitely made up for feeling a bit 'meh' about last months! Anyway, on to what was inside...

By far the star of the box, a HD brows 'brow & eyes' kit, full size and worth £19.95! I got "Bombshell" and because my eyebrows are very dark i'll probably only be able to use one of the colours on them, but I don't mind so much because the other three colours will be lovely as eyeshadows! deep!

Jelly Pong Pong "Irish Cream Pavlova" for lips and cheeks. This smells AMAZING. It's full sized and worth £10! It's not something I'd have bought for myself as I'm not a massive lip gloss fan, but I'm really happy I got it in my GlossyBox and I'm looking forward to trying it out.

Mini Elizabeth Arden Skin Balancing Lotion SPF 15. This is my second favourite item in the box! It also came with a few other Elizabeth Arden tester sachets. This cream smells lovely, and is a nice thin consistency which leaves your face feeling fresh. I'm applying it before bed and I'm looking forward to seeing how my skin feels in a week or so!

Finally a moisturiser-come-bronzer and a little shampoo. I'm looking forward to trying out the moisturiser and seeing how orange I turn out haha (kidding!), and shampoo is just shampoo to me but hey it's definitely something I'll use!
Overall I was very pleased and it brightened my day, as I've been quite poorly for the past week or so.

Did you receive a July GlossyBox? What did you think?
Beckey x

I now have a blog button!

 Beckey x

Bloggin' with my girl xo

Real post to come later :P
Beckey x

Monday, 23 July 2012


Today I wore my Thumper tshirt that my mummy bought for me, and my favourite eyeshadow from MUA. It's so long lasting and beautifully bright, as you can see I don't even have to cover the whole lid! See a picture of the eyeshadow itself here.
I picked up this eyeshadow for a £1, what a bargain! I'm really excited because it's metallic like the green one i'm wearing in the picture above, so hopefully it shall look fantastic! 
There pictures aren't the best but I'll take new ones when I review the palettes properly. I was so excited to find these in store because I was convinced I'd have to order them off the internet! I got "Heaven and Earth" which is a selection of browns and beiges that will hopefully look sophisticated and suit my eye colour. The other palette I got was "Pretty Pastels". I got this because I don't want to stop wearing colourful eye shadows, but bright colours really don't suit me and I've had enough of feeling crappy when my make up smudges and the bright colours look tacky and cheap. Sooo hopefully the pastel shades will be the perfect solution, fingers crossed!
This last pic is of the yummy cornflake cake that Lou brought for me when she picked me up to go to liverpool, and of the make up colours I picked from Lush's new "Emotional Brilliance" range - plus their names/meanings! It's a lovely range, but bloody expensive! I'd like to invest in a pot of "Bubbly", when I can bring myself to spend £14.50 on such a tiny thing...but for now I'll be happy with the free badge I got! Haha! 
Beckey x

Wedding Fever pt2!

Just as a little add on to yesterdays post, I wanted to show you all the shoes that I wore, my beautiful Iron Fists! At £65 they weren't cheap, but I wear them as often as possible to get my moneys worth haha!

Beckey x

Wedding Fever.

Good evening Bloggies! This weekend I went to my second wedding in 3 months. I'm talking all day affairs - ceremony, meal, disco, buffet! I'm shattered now haha! Anyway i thought to myself 'Hurray - I can do a wedding look post', and here it is! Because my outfit was quite dark I wanted to jazz it up with make up and bright pink toenails. 
Click for bigger pictures!

-I haven't worn liquid eyeliner for about 4 years and that in the first picture was my first attempt! Not bad eh? I liked the felt tip style pen a lot, I only ever used the brush and pot in the past and that could get quite messy!
-The pink eyeshadow was from my giant ELF palette I got two christmas's ago. As you can tell I barely use it. I fell like most eyeshadows make me look like a transvestite, particularly bright colours...
-In my 'Confessions of a Concealaholic' kit I've got a little "that gal" face primer, and because it's supposed to be face brightening I decided to try it out for the special occasion! Although I can't say my face seemed loads brighter, the primer did a brilliant job of keeping my make up in place! Dare I say it...even better than my beloved 'Porefessional'?! Tad worrying seen as I have just bought a big tube of the thing haha. I'm going to try "That Gal" again tomorrow to see if it was just a fluke!
- On my lips I was wearing my Revlon LipButter in Pink Truffle, which I have reviewed here.

All in all I was quite pleased with my look for the day, although the eyeliner and hot pink eyeshadow had melted together come 9pm and I looked bloody awful :'( one of the reasons why I stray away from both of these things and get scared to experiment! Everybody else's make up seems to stay perfectly intact, I think I need some tips!!!!
Beckey x

Friday, 20 July 2012

"Everybody's Fine".

Last night Karl and I watched this film. I had a feeling it would be good because it stars Robert DeNiro, and I wasn't disappointed! It was a heartbreaking watch, but totally heartwarming at the same time and the end wasn't as predictable as you might first think! I would highly recommend anyone to watch this film, especially if you're big on family like I am!! I can't wait to buy it on DVD for my parents, because I think they'll really enjoy it!
Beckey x
Ps Hopefully my next GlossyBox shall arrive soon so I shall have some actual beauty products to review for you guys! Also Graze have given me a free box to try and tempt me back and I am really looking forward to tasting what they send, so expect food reviews too! 

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Lady Antebellum!

Last night Karl and I went to see Lady Antebellum. For those of you who don't know they are a country and western band from Nashville, Tennessee! They were absolutely fantastic. Charles was so sexy and he really got the crowd jumping around and singing along! Hilary is so classy and beautiful, and that voice is just effortless. Dave is a very talented musician and his piano playing was beautiful. I had a great time, I wasn't too squashed or too hot and there was no pressure to push to the front, nor did I get trampled or pushed. Happy days!
Beckey x

Monday, 16 July 2012

hello world, how ya been? :)

Hello there my beautiful bloggies! It's time for another instagram update haha, sorry if it's boring but I've not had a lot of cash to splash recently on new make up and things to review! Anyway, from left to right:

1: Dinky with her first and very own toy.
2: A rare moment of peace in this 2 cat household...
3: My fiancé and I at the Lady Antebellum gig last night, they were AMAZING!
4: A series of photo booth shots from a brilliant night at my sis in laws on saturday :)
5: Drunk and drawn on at 3am!
6: Chips 'n' Dips, best snack ever?!
7: Tim Roth - my absolute guilty pleasure. He's so sexy haha, I love him in Lie To Me.
8: The ultimate hangover platter...chips, onion rings and potato footballs! (I couldn't finish it!)

Best weekend in a long long time :)
Beckey x

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Good Afternoon!

L to R:

1: thank god for filters...
2: my "ee-im-on-a-bus-and-my-fringe-is-a-state" face.
3: my cute dawgy dawg tshirt.
4: a naughty breakfast.
5: my favourite shoes - leopard print flatforms!
6: Ezio and Dinky sizing each other up!

Beckey x


Today my fiancé and I adopted a lovely little cat named Dinky. Dinky's owner sadly passed away a few months ago, and although at the time we couldn't take her on, when she still hadn't been re-homed we took her in. She's such a loving little thing, and although Ezio's nose seems a tad out of joint, they haven't fought and I think he'll warm to her soon enough! I hope we make her previous owner proud, and that she's looking down on us feeling happy that Dinks is being loved!!!
Beckey x

Sunday, 8 July 2012

I seem to be drunk a lot lately...

...but don't be fooled, I'm not normally a party animal! Enjoy these pictures of me from a family party last night :P hahaha!
Beckey x

HD Brows Tweezers

Anyone who received last months GlossyBox may have been lucky enough to receive the HD Brows tweezers! When I first took them out of the box I thought that they felt a bit flimsy, and was shocked that they retail at £19.95! HOWEVER, I judged too soon, as when I actually tried them out I was really impressed! They're really precise, and I can even get all the teeny tiny hairs that normally escape me.
Did you get HD Brows tweezers in your GlossyBox? What did you think?
Beckey x

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Lego Batman 2.

Hi bloggies! You may have noticed I've been absent for a few days...partly due to reading and partly due to this game! It was so much fun but I felt like it was over far too quickly. Plus Wonder Woman's cameo was far too short! Saying that, I enjoyed being a little diddy Batman, running round being awesome and beating the crap out of baddies. Plus I got a free mini Lex Luther model which I built myself and is now perched under the telly next to my gold buddha...
Beckey x

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Cherry Healey...what a babe!

Cherry is my favourite lady on TV at the moment. She's a documentary presenter on BBC3 and she is literally the coolest. If you haven't already, check her out!
Beckey x

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn.

I read this book the other day and I was really blown away by it. It was dark, deep, interesting and sad. It explored the topics of murder, munchausen by proxy, family disfunction and self harm. Obviously that's not everyones cup of tea (and it doesn't sound like a pleasant read I must admit) but my favourite genre is crime so for me it was a winner. I will say that this book can be quite triggering in regards to self harm, so I would advise caution in that respect, but otherwise for an engrossing and compelling read pick up this book!
Beckey x

Monday, 2 July 2012

Wish me luck bloggies!!

I'm about to leave for the first shift at my new job! Eek! I love my new bag and jacket (any excuse to shop eh!) The jacket was £22 from Tesco and the bag was £9 from Primark. I shall update later on how it went.
Off I go!!
Beckey x

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Good Evening Bloggies!

My apologies for the lack of posts this past few days, the internet went down (boo!) and I had a very family filled weekend (yey!) On Saturday morning I went round to my sister in laws for my nails done, and we drank coffee and ate croissants! Then we all went out with the kids and took them to the carnival which was really good. I went on the waltzers and I think my stomach may have fallen out of my bum when we did eight super fast spins in a row...LOL. On Saturday night I went to my friends Hen Night which was good fun, I didn't get to bed until 2am and then I was up at 6am with the kids! (We had our nephews to stay which Bethany loved! :D) Tonight we went back round to my sis in laws to watch the football final and stuff our faces with Dominos. NOM. Such a fab weekend :):)
Very drunk!!
Beckey x