Monday, 23 July 2012


Today I wore my Thumper tshirt that my mummy bought for me, and my favourite eyeshadow from MUA. It's so long lasting and beautifully bright, as you can see I don't even have to cover the whole lid! See a picture of the eyeshadow itself here.
I picked up this eyeshadow for a £1, what a bargain! I'm really excited because it's metallic like the green one i'm wearing in the picture above, so hopefully it shall look fantastic! 
There pictures aren't the best but I'll take new ones when I review the palettes properly. I was so excited to find these in store because I was convinced I'd have to order them off the internet! I got "Heaven and Earth" which is a selection of browns and beiges that will hopefully look sophisticated and suit my eye colour. The other palette I got was "Pretty Pastels". I got this because I don't want to stop wearing colourful eye shadows, but bright colours really don't suit me and I've had enough of feeling crappy when my make up smudges and the bright colours look tacky and cheap. Sooo hopefully the pastel shades will be the perfect solution, fingers crossed!
This last pic is of the yummy cornflake cake that Lou brought for me when she picked me up to go to liverpool, and of the make up colours I picked from Lush's new "Emotional Brilliance" range - plus their names/meanings! It's a lovely range, but bloody expensive! I'd like to invest in a pot of "Bubbly", when I can bring myself to spend £14.50 on such a tiny thing...but for now I'll be happy with the free badge I got! Haha! 
Beckey x