Monday, 23 July 2012

Wedding Fever.

Good evening Bloggies! This weekend I went to my second wedding in 3 months. I'm talking all day affairs - ceremony, meal, disco, buffet! I'm shattered now haha! Anyway i thought to myself 'Hurray - I can do a wedding look post', and here it is! Because my outfit was quite dark I wanted to jazz it up with make up and bright pink toenails. 
Click for bigger pictures!

-I haven't worn liquid eyeliner for about 4 years and that in the first picture was my first attempt! Not bad eh? I liked the felt tip style pen a lot, I only ever used the brush and pot in the past and that could get quite messy!
-The pink eyeshadow was from my giant ELF palette I got two christmas's ago. As you can tell I barely use it. I fell like most eyeshadows make me look like a transvestite, particularly bright colours...
-In my 'Confessions of a Concealaholic' kit I've got a little "that gal" face primer, and because it's supposed to be face brightening I decided to try it out for the special occasion! Although I can't say my face seemed loads brighter, the primer did a brilliant job of keeping my make up in place! Dare I say it...even better than my beloved 'Porefessional'?! Tad worrying seen as I have just bought a big tube of the thing haha. I'm going to try "That Gal" again tomorrow to see if it was just a fluke!
- On my lips I was wearing my Revlon LipButter in Pink Truffle, which I have reviewed here.

All in all I was quite pleased with my look for the day, although the eyeliner and hot pink eyeshadow had melted together come 9pm and I looked bloody awful :'( one of the reasons why I stray away from both of these things and get scared to experiment! Everybody else's make up seems to stay perfectly intact, I think I need some tips!!!!
Beckey x


  1. You look beautiful hun, love that gal primer:)