Monday, 25 June 2012


Ooer, that's a bit creepy isn't it! Today I decided to write a little bit about my eye make up, and to demonstrate my awesome MUA bright green eyeshadow as requested by Corrinne.What I love about this particular eyeshadow is that you only need the tiniest bit to really make your eyes POP. As you can see I only applied along my lash line, similar to where you would put liquid eyeliner. On my bottom lid I used my normal black eyeliner, and then in the corners of my eyes by the bridge of my nose I applied a touch of Eye Bright to really open them up. I finished off with a touch of my Peep Show mascara, which for a drug store brand is absolutely great. It's got a nice thin brush and isn't at all gloopy, which makes it easy to apply and really lengthens the lash. The eyeshadow in the picture was bought for me quite a while ago by an old friend, and I haven't seen it in the shops since, but it's still always worth looking out for, and if you spot it I would definitely recommend investing!!

Beckey x


  1. Gorgeous! Love that shade and MUA shadows in general! xoxox

  2. so pretty green shade! ^_^

  3. Ah I don't have that green shadow (I'm not sure why I own practically all single MUA shadows), but you may have convinced me to get it.
    You look super pretty ^_^ xxxx